Unlocking Secrets: Acquiring Lock Picks in Merge Mansion

To restore Charlie’s Hideout in Merge Mansion, you need to acquire Lock Picks, which are part of the Basic Lock Pick Set. This set is part of the Nuts and Bolts merge chain and begins with a Hexagon Nut. The highest stage of the Lock Picks is the Multi Tool Lock Pick, and you cannot go further with it except for the area missions. You can obtain Lock Picks from the Basic Lock Pick Set (Level 7) in Merge Mansion. The source will randomly drop a Beginner Lock Pick and Starter Lock Pick, which you can merge multiple times depending on the requirements of the hand. You can collect these items and restore Charlie’s Hideout to progress to the next section of the game. Additionally, Charlie’s Kit is a source item that you can acquire after completing the task in Hideout, and cannot be merged further. The game also allows for the random collection of Nut and Bolts (besides Magnifier) at an interval of four hours, with the possibility to stack up to four recharges with a drop of 20 each. Overall, the game consistently introduces new areas and events, providing an engaging and evolving experience for players.