WWE Legend’s Job in Jeopardy Following Nerve-Wracking Encounter with Shane McMahon

Shane McMahon’s WWE Match with Kurt Angle at King of the Ring 2001: Referee Mike Chioda Thought He Would Lose His Job

Shane McMahon and Kurt Angle’s Street Fight at King of the Ring 2001 is remembered as one of the most brutal matches in WWE history. However, a recent interview with veteran referee Mike Chioda has shed light on the backstage chaos that ensued during the match.

Chioda recalled a production error during the match, where Angle was supposed to suplex McMahon through a pane of glass. However, the glass failed to break, causing McMahon to land head-first on the concrete. This prompted a furious reaction from McMahon’s father, Vince McMahon, backstage.

Chioda, who was the referee for the match, revealed on Chris Van Vliet’s Insight podcast that he feared the wrath of his boss after the botched suplex. Despite attempts to caution Angle and prevent a repeat, the action continued, and Angle suplexed McMahon through two panes of glass.

WWE referees wear headsets during matches to receive instructions from the backstage crew. Chioda recounted how Vince McMahon was frantically instructing him to stop Angle from attempting the glass suplex again.

Ultimately, despite Chioda’s efforts, Angle executed another suplex, leading the referee to realize that the first pane of glass was real and that there had been a production mistake.

Chioda remained with WWE until 2020 before his release from the company. The intense match between McMahon and Angle continues to be a memorable moment in WWE history, and Chioda’s behind-the-scenes account offers a unique perspective on the chaotic nature of the bout.