5 Compelling Reasons Why CM Punk’s WWE Comeback Must Take Place at Survivor Series

CM Punk’s wrestling career might take a new turn because of his recent departure from AEW. The 45-year-old, terminated from his contract after a backstage incident, is now speculated to return to WWE. Despite no official confirmation, WWE has teased his return multiple times, including selling DVDs featuring Punk. Here are some reasons why this could be the perfect time for CM Punk to make his WWE return.

With WWE in a strong position, having a star like CM Punk who has historically drawn in viewers can boost ratings. Punk’s return could elevate the promotion and add excitement to the wrestling landscape.

If CM Punk makes his WWE return, it’s likely he will have the opportunity to battle main event stars and possibly hold a title. His return to face Seth Rollins for the World Heavyweight Championship makes sense due to their real-life animosity.

On November 25th, 2023, WWE will host Survivor Series in Chicago, which is CM Punk’s hometown. This would be a perfect setting for his WWE return, considering the overwhelming response he received in Chicago during his AEW debut.

CM Punk’s time at AEW was marked by both success and controversy, raising doubts about his ability to work in pro wrestling. A return to WWE offers him a chance to rebuild his image and remind fans of his true potential.

If CM Punk returns to WWE at Survivor Series, it would give him ample time to be involved in a storyline set for WrestleMania. A rivalry with Seth Rollins leading up to WrestleMania would be highly anticipated by fans.

Overall, CM Punk’s potential return to WWE could bring unprecedented excitement to the wrestling world, especially given his past success and love from fans.