Zelina Vega Reveals Stunning Transformation After Betrayal on SmackDown

Zelina Vega has revealed a new look on WWE SmackDown following a betrayal by her faction. The Latino World Order is in disarray due to the events at Crown Jewel 2023, where Logan Paul controversially won the United States Championship. On a recent episode of SmackDown, Santos Escobar viciously attacked Rey Mysterio, further destabilizing the group.

Vega shared her new darker hairstyle on Instagram, but she is also eyeing a new opportunity in the WWE. In an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda Wrestling, she expressed her desire to manage Randy Orton, who is rumored to return soon. Vega believes that she and Orton have a lot in common and could work well together.

The future of LWO remains uncertain as they struggle to resolve their internal conflicts. It is unclear if their rivalry with Mysterio and Escobar will lead to the downfall of the faction. Despite the turmoil, Vega has excelled in her role as a manager and a superstar, showcasing her versatility in WWE. Only time will tell how the story unfolds for LWO on SmackDown.