Emory Williams and the 5 Most Shocking College Football Injuries of 2023

The 2023 college football regular season was filled with a lot of excitement and fun as athletes redefined what’s possible. The beauty of the sport and its establishment in the collegiate realm were also showcased.

Like every other season, a lot of injuries were recorded on the gridiron in 2023. While some were less significant, a couple of the injuries were horrific and attracted significant attention.

In this article, we examine the five most horrifying injuries in the 2023 college football season.

Top 5 most horrifying college football injuries in 2023

#5 Shilo Sanders, DB, Colorado

Shilo Sanders had one of the most horrific injuries in 2023. The defensive back suffered an internal injury in his kidney during a Week 4 game against Oregon in Eugene.

While the Jackson State transfer had no sign of an injury till the end of the game, he was reported to be urinating blood after the game.

Shilo Sanders was given the necessary medical attention following his return to Boulder and missed a few games for the Buffaloes.

#4 Brett Gabbert, QB, Miami (OH)

Brett Gabbert suffered a horrific injury in a Week 8 game against Toledo. This came after he was met head-on by the Rockets’ defensive tackle, Judge Culperer, in a goal-line play.

In the midst of the chaos, with players pushing, pulling, and colliding, Gabbert sustained a severe break in his right leg, leading him to crumple in pain. His leg was immobilized with an air cast, and he was transported off the field with an ambulance. He was ruled out of the season.

#3 Grayson McCall, QB, Coastal Carolina

While executing a carryover in the fourth quarter of a Week 8 game against Arkansas State, Grayson McCall absorbed a forceful hit on his head after sliding to conclude the play.

The quarterback stayed motionless on the ground for almost 10 minutes, causing a lot of scares and worry among fans. He was subsequently carted off the field and transported to hospital.

That was the end of the season for McCall, as he was unable to make a return in 2023.

#2 Ryan O’Keefe, WR, Boston College

Ryan O’Keefe sustained a scary neck injury in a Week 5 game against Virginia. The wide receiver was involved in a brutal collision with the Cavaliers cornerback Malcolm Greene.

O’Keefe was motionless on the ground for seven minutes as the medical team attended to him. He was subsequently taken off the field on a stretcher and taken to the hospital. Acknowledging the support of his teammates and fans, he gave a thumbs-up while leaving the field.

#1 Emory Williams, QB, Miami

True freshman Emory Williams got a start in a Week 11 game against Florida State. However, it didn’t end well for the quarterback, as he suffered a serious injury in his left arm.

Williams collided with multiple Seminoles’ defenders as he approached the first-down marker near the sideline toward the end of the game. This made him land horribly on the arm and cried out loud in pain while on the ground. He was ruled out of the rest of the season.