Guidelines for Completion, Anticipated Expenses, and Additional Information

Black Friday celebrations are in full swing in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team, with EA Sports introducing a new 83×10 Upgrade SBC for players to pursue. This pack is especially appealing due to the availability of player SBCs and special cards. The second day of Black Friday festivities has also seen the re-release of some of the best players from previous promos, expanding the lineup of special cards in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team.

Upgrade SBCs are crucial in Ultimate Team, and the latest 83×10 Upgrade SBC offers the best pack thus far, especially with the abundance of special items. The latest Player of the Month Kylian Mbappe SBC has also increased the need for fodder, making SBCs like this even more essential.

To complete the 83×10 Upgrade SBC in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team, players can do so thrice per day over the next week. The SBC requires a minimum overall rating of 83, with at least one Team of the Week player in the starting eleven and a squad of 11 players. The expected cost is around 45,000 coins, with the price driven up by the current state of the transfer market.

To reduce costs, players can use untradeable items from their clubs and complete the 82+ TOTW Player Pick SBC for in-form items needed for the SBC. Additionally, they can grind the 81+ Double Upgrade SBC to obtain 83-rated fodder, significantly decreasing the cost of the 83×10 SBC in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team.