Jon Moxley confronts significant backlash

AEW star Jon Moxley has been criticized for his tendency to bleed during matches. However, in a recent interview, Moxley addressed the issue and explained his reasons for wrestling in his trademark hardcore style. Despite the criticism, Moxley, a foundational star in All Elite Wrestling, has remained a key figure for the company. He discussed his preference for violent matches, stating that it aligns with his hard-hitting style. While Moxley has faced his fair share of criticism, he is not the only AEW wrestler to receive backlash. Wrestling legend Chris Jericho has also been the subject of criticism from fans. In response to a fan’s question about wrestlers who receive unwarranted hate, Jericho humorously nominated himself. The ongoing debate over Moxley’s wrestling style invites fans to share their thoughts and opinions in the comments.