Josh Jacobs Unleashes Fury Over NFL’s $21,855 Fine: ‘Chill with the BS’

The NFL has been handing out massive fines to players to crack down on unsportsmanlike conduct and unnecessary roughness, and Las Vegas Raiders star Josh Jacobs wasn’t too pleased with his punishment.

The league fined the running back $21,855, the biggest of Week 9, for lowering his helmet before initiating contact with a player. While the NFL’s decision to cut down violence in the sport is commendable, some of the fines handed out have been for seemingly innocuous plays.

Evidently, Jacobs also felt that the play he was fined for did not warrant a massive fine and aired his grievances on social media.

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The miffed running back reposted the play for which he received the hefty fine and quoted it:

NFL y’all gotta chill with the bs.”

The NFL has handed out almost $14 million worth of fines this year.

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