Rule-Breaking Fun: Cody Rhodes and Nia Jax’s Hilarious New Video [WATCH]

WWE Superstars Cody Rhodes and Nia Jax recently attempted a TikTok challenge that didn’t quite go as planned. The challenge, known as “Left Do It, Right Do It,” is set to the song Soak City, but the duo struggled to follow the steps, resulting in a hilarious video.

Although Jax plays a vicious heel character on screen, the video contradicts her on-screen persona and breaks kayfabe. Meanwhile, Rhodes is seen as a superhero babyface on RAW, and creating such content with a vicious heel goes against his on-screen character.

In other news, the babyface team for the men’s Survivor Series WarGames match is looking strong, but they are one member short after Drew McIntyre aligned himself with The Judgment Day. Cody Rhodes and his team will be looking for another member to join their ranks. As for Nia Jax, she may miss out on this year’s Survivor Series Premium Live Event but will likely return in a massive feud.

As for the future, fans may wonder if Rhodes and Jax will ever work together in the ring.

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