Shawn Michaels Calls Out WWE Star to Meet Him at His Office

Shawn Michaels has demanded that a WWE star visit him at his office. Since Andre Chase formed Chase University, the popularity of the group has grown, and they have added Jacy Jayne to their ranks. Last week, Jacy Jayne received a letter intended for Andre Chase, which seemed to shock her. Later, it was revealed that Chase had booked them to defend the NXT Tag Team Titles. As a result, Shawn Michaels, the Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative, demanded to see Chase in his office. Additionally, Mick Foley announced two qualifying matches for the Iron Survivor Challenge match that will take place at NXT Deadline. Legends such as John Bradshaw Layfield, Lita, and Jerry “The King” Lawler will announce the remaining qualifying matches in the coming weeks. This assistance from legends will help Michaels in his role, which can be stressful as it impacts the future of young talent and the company. What do you think the reason is for Michaels calling Andre Chase to his office? Share your thoughts in the comments section.