Triple Threat SBC: EA FC 24’s Ashleigh Neville Shines with Unique Skills

The Ashleigh Neville Triple Threat SBC is available in EA FC 24, and players can add a promo card to their Ultimate Team squads through it. This challenge is part of the new Triple Threat promo, including some stellar items currently available in packs. While these cards require luck to find, players can obtain Neville’s special item by completing the latest SBC.

To determine the number of coins required to complete the challenge, players can analyze the tasks associated with the Ashleigh Neville Triple Threat SBC. The challenge is relatively simple and suitable for both beginners and veterans. The conditions for completion are as follows:
– # of players from England: Min 1
– Minimum OVR of 85: Min 1
– Squad rating: Min 83
– # of players in the squad: 11

Completing this special challenge may cost slightly less than 20,000 coins if players purchase necessary items from the Ultimate Team market. However, they can reduce the cost by using cards from their existing collection and grinding different EA FC 24 modes like Squad Battles and Division Rivals.

The Triple Threat challenge will be available for one week, allowing players to boost their seasonal XPs and win milestone rewards. Neville’s promo card offers significant value, fitting well with other promo items and providing squad flexibility with her 88-rated RB card. This Neville card is considered a great bargain, especially for players who have the required fodder in their collection. Overall, the challenge presents an enticing opportunity for Ultimate Team players to enhance their squads.