Uncovering the Secrets of the Golden Trident in Roblox Aquaman Simulator

The launch of Roblox Aquaman Simulator – The Lost Kingdom coincides with the highly anticipated release of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, bringing in new limited edition UGCs. These exclusive accessories can only be obtained through in-game event-based challenges, including the coveted Golden Trident back accessory, which is only available to those who reach the final map level. With only 40,000 copies of the Trident available in the game, players must move quickly to secure their own Golden Trident.

To acquire the Golden Trident after unlocking Necrus, the last map, players can follow these simple steps:
– Unlock the last zone for 350,000 in-game coins and proceed straight ahead
– Navigate through a cave filled with enemy NPCs without engaging them
– Reach the end of the cave to encounter Black Manta
– Defeat Black Manta by attacking him with Tridents to unlock the Golden Trident

Black Manta, the final boss, boasts a massive 750,000 HP, and players are advised to attack him immediately to secure the kill. Equipping powerful Tridents to deal more damage will aid in defeating Black Manta and claiming the Golden Trident. Once Black Manta is defeated, players can teleport to the Atlantis spawn point map and claim the Golden Trident by interacting with the Trident display.

Before reaching Necrus, players need to unlock the Sunken Citadel and Atlantean Caves maps. The gameplay in Roblox Aquaman Simulator revolves around a click-based simulator mechanism, where players eliminate hostile NPCs to earn in-game currency, which can be used to unlock maps and purchase Tridents for combat.

While unlocking all the zones may take time, players are drawn to Aquaman Simulator – The Lost Kingdom for the exclusive UGC items. Whether you’re a collector or an Aquaman fan, don’t hesitate to start grinding to obtain these limited edition accessories.

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