Unleash the Power of Moises Caicedo: Complete the Radioactive SBC in EA FC 24

The Moises Caicedo Radioactive SBC is a fresh addition to EA FC 24 Ultimate Team, providing another wonderful opportunity for fans to secure a promo item for their respective squads. This challenge doesn’t require you to rely on luck to obtain a viable player, and you can get Moises Caicedo’s featured card without opening any packs. All you have to do is complete the tasks in this SBC before it expires in Ultimate Team.

Before that, you need to predict the number of coins you’ll require to get the necessary fodder to use in this challenge. That will help you to decide if you should attempt it. The best way to get an idea about your expenses is to examine the tasks in EA FC 24’s Moises Caicedo Radioactive SBC.

The Moises Caicedo Radioactive SBC is relatively simple, as it has only three tasks. The conditions of this challenge should be manageable to meet as there are several ways to get high-rated fodder. You’ll have to complete all these tasks before the special card gets unlocked:

Task 1 – Premier League
– Number of players from Premier League: Min 1
– Squad rating: Min 83
– Number of players in the Squad: 11

Task 2 – 84-Rated Squad
– Squad rating: Min 84
– Number of players in the Squad: 11

Task 3 – Top Form
– In Form players: Min 1
– Squad rating: Min 85
– Number of players in the squad: 11

The Moises Caicedo Radioactive SBC will cost about 110,000 coins if you get all the fodder from this game’s market. You can lower that price using cards already available in your Ultimate Team collection.

If you’re short of fodder, you can always grind different EA FC 24 modes like Squad Battles and Division Rivals. Doing so will allow you to get packs that will help you get more fodder. This will automatically let you save your coins for alternate uses in Ultimate Team.

After completing the challenge, you’ll unlock Moises’ 86-rated CDM item that can also operate as a CM. Based on its stats and playstyles, this card is best utilized in defensive roles only. While its 83 Defending and 82 Physicality will need boosts, the item has a high number of playstyles. It features the Bruiser Playstyle+ and also includes other playstyles like Anticipate, Intercept, and Slide Tackle. While the card itself is pretty decent, a lower SBC completion cost would certainly have made completing this challenge easier to recommend. It would also have made this inclusion more incentivizing for players.

While this SBC is worth doing in terms of the required fodder, there are cheaper alternatives available.