Cody Rhodes Reveals Shocking Prediction for Dominik Mysterio’s WWE Babyface Turn

Cody Rhodes predicts a bright future for Dominik Mysterio, with boos turning to cheers

Cody Rhodes has forecasted that the WWE Universe’s negative reaction towards Dominik Mysterio will transform into cheers within two to three years.

Dominik, who initially debuted as a babyface alongside his father, Rey Mysterio, took a heel turn last year by attacking his dad and Edge at Clash at the Castle, subsequently joining The Judgment Day. Since then, he has faced loud boos from the crowd whenever he speaks on the mic.

In an interview with YES Network, Rhodes shared his thoughts on Dominik’s future in the company, expressing his prediction that the boos would evolve into cheers for the young Mysterio in a few years.

The wrestling legend offered praise for Dominik, acknowledging his potential and the bright future he envisions for him.

Despite being a RAW star, Dominik Mysterio has made several appearances on SmackDown and NXT in the past year. He also held two reigns as NXT North American Champion.

WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry joined in on the praise, comparing Dominik to legendary wrestlers such as The Rock and Randy Orton.

It’s clear that Dominik Mysterio’s rise remains a topic of interest among WWE fans and insiders, with many anticipating his continued growth and success within the company.

The future certainly looks bright for the rising WWE star, and given the praise and predictions from industry veterans, it seems likely that Dominik Mysterio’s career will continue to thrive in the coming years.