Dislike the DJ’s extended sets

There are some concerns about Dejounte Murray, as indicated by the recent social media posts made by him and his father following the Atlanta Hawks’ loss to the Toronto Raptors on Wednesday. Despite his performance of 20 points and five assists in 34 minutes, the impact was not positively reflected in the team’s overall performance, resulting in a minus-17 rating. After the game, Dejounte’s father took to social media to express his thoughts on his son’s utilization, which was supported by Dejounte himself. The Hawks currently have a 9-14 record this season, and there are doubts about the effectiveness of the Dejounte Murray-Trae Young duo, especially expressed by former coach Doc Rivers. Despite a significant contract extension with the Hawks, there are concerns about the on-court impact of Dejounte Murray when playing alongside Trae Young, which could potentially affect the team’s performance.