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EA Sports released new Showdown SBCs in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team featuring Otavion and Malcom ahead of their ROSHN Saudi League clash. Both players are big names in the league and provide chemistry for popular Ultimate Team cards. The Thunderstruck promo for Black Friday has introduced special cards for Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar, but players face challenges accommodating them. The addition of Showdown Otavio and Malcom will solve this problem as Otavio plays with Ronaldo at Al Nassr and Malcom plays with Neymar at Al Hilal. These SBCs will be popular among gamers as chemistry is key to winning. The Otavio SBC requires 11 players from Portugal, a Team of the Week player, an 84 overall rating, and costs around 60,000 coins. The Malcom SBC requires at least one player from Brazil, an 85 overall rating, and also costs around 60,000 coins. Although Malcom seems better at first glance, depending on the result of their fixture in the future, Otavio could potentially become the superior item.