Mother of Bengals’ WR Tee Higgins Causes Controversy with Fans following Son’s Stellar Performance in Win against Vikings

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Tee Higgins displayed an impressive performance in Saturday’s victory, despite a few setbacks. While it’s natural for players to make mistakes during an NFL game, some fans took to social media to criticize the wideout.

However, it was Higgins’ mother who fiercely defended him on social media, responding to the criticism with unreserved loyalty and fervor. She passionately stood up for her son, firmly establishing herself as his primary advocate.

During the game, Higgins scored twice, including an incredible game-tying catch in the comeback victory. With just under a minute remaining, his score leveled the game, ultimately leading to an overtime victory for his team.

Looking ahead, Higgins is poised for a substantial payday, regardless of whether he remains with the Cincinnati Bengals. His strong performance in this contract year has set the stage for a lucrative deal, with several teams likely to vie for his talents in the offseason.

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