Taylor Rapp Injured During Week 11 Game Against Jets: Bill’s Safety Taken Off in Ambulance

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The Buffalo Bills faced another frightening incident on the field when safety Taylor Rapp was taken out in an ambulance after a collision with teammate Taron Johnson. The Bills were playing against the New York Jets and were leading 16-0 at the time of Rapp’s injury.

During the incident, the game was stopped for a few minutes as players huddled around Rapp. The fans in the stadium fell silent, likely remembering the awful situation with Damar Hamlin in January. Rapp was conscious when being taken into the ambulance, as shown on TV, where he was seen moving his hands prior to leaving the field.

This is another unfortunate injury for the Buffalo Bills, especially after what happened to Hamlin in the previous season. Rapp had joined the team in the 2023 free agency after being a second-round pick from the Los Angeles Rams in 2019.

The collision was entirely accidental, occurring when both Rapp and Johnson were trying to tackle running back Breece Hall. Hall fell to the ground right after the tackle.

The situation with Rapp serves as a stark reminder for Bills fans of Damar Hamlin’s cardiac arrest. Football is undoubtedly a dangerous sport, and after witnessing Hamlin’s near-fatal incident, the concerns for player safety have only heightened.

We can only hope for good news and a full recovery for Rapp, but this situation once again emphasizes the risks that football players face and the paramount importance of their safety.