The Controversial Celebration: A closer look at the female fighter who stole the show at UFC Vegas 82

In the recent UFC Vegas 82 showdown, Ailín Pérez not only clinched a hard-fought win but also grabbed the spotlight with a celebration. During the prelims, Pérez showcased her dominance in the first two rounds against Pudilová. However, as the final stanza unfolded, Pérez faced challenges with her gas tank. Despite Pudilová’s comeback attempt, Pérez managed to evade any significant threats, ultimately claiming victory via unanimous decision. With this latest victory, Pérez extends her winning streak to two consecutive triumphs and boosts her UFC record to 2-1, holding an overall professional MMA record of 9-2. Ailín Pérez found herself entangled in a pre-fight brawl with UFC women’s bantamweight contender Joselyne Edwards merely four days before the event, leaving her with a noticeable black eye. Reports from MMAMania suggest that the altercation unfolded on November 14, as Edwards allegedly confronted Pérez over comments made about one of her performances. Pérez did not shy away from addressing the incident, taking the opportunity during her post-fight interview to provide her perspective on the matter. Pérez added: “But this irrelevant lady came up to me after I opinionated about one of her fights, just talking about the performance that she did. And she came to assault me. She did assault me with the intention to make me pull out of my fight, but I’m sorry, she did not achieve it. I won and fought regardless of the assault that took place.” Check out her interview below (14:10 mark).