The Future Destination of the Michigan RB in 2024

Senior running back Blake Corum has been a force for the Michigan Wolverines this season. He is eligible for the 2024 NFL draft, and it will be interesting to see if he does decide to officially declare as he has another year of eligibility thanks to the COVID-19 free year of eligibility. Corum has been doing phenomenal this season, as he has 152 rushing attempts for 794 yards (5.2 yards per carry) and 18 rushing touchdowns. With 51 total touchdowns (49 rushing, two receiving) over his four-year collegiate career, he has proven to be a huge cog in the Wolverines’ offensive system. If Blake Corum does decide to declare for the 2024 NFL draft after the season, where would he be taken, and what teams will look at him as a potential pick? In what round will Blake Corum be drafted? Blake Corum is a solid running back and should have a high grade. He will, however, be a second- or third-round choice in the 2024 NFL draft due to his age and inability to do anything exceptionally well other than run. That implies he won’t be seen as a running back capable of being on the field in passing situations. With other running backs going to be draft-eligible that are younger than Corum and have a more well-rounded aspect to their game, his draft value drops him to a late second or early third-round grade. What teams should be interested in Blake Corum? With Blake Corum’s skill, it’s tough to imagine many teams not at least considering him in the first couple of rounds. However, there are three teams that require his level of dominance. First up would be the Buffalo Bills. They are ravished with injuries on the defensive side of the field, but pairing up a talented running back like Corum with Josh Allen will open up the playbook. This would also lessen the running attempts for Allen and make him a more durable player with fewer hits on his body. The next team is the Tennessee Titans as they have been rumored to trade running back Derrick Henry for a year now. Corum would fit in that type of role and play well while resetting the money on the RB position. Finally, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would be a good fit. With a team needing a running game and potentially signing Baker Mayfield past this season, getting Corum would make things better for the offense. It is possible the Bucs hit the reset button with wide receiver Mike Evans leaving as a free agent, but Blake Corum is a strong piece to build around.