When Wrestling Worlds Collide: How WWE Superstars Impact Real-Life Relationships

Everyone knows that everything we see in WWE is predetermined. From punches and moves to promos and romances, everything is staged. However, its impact and consequences are real and sometimes have an adverse effect on those performing it.

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While pro wrestling has allowed many performers to lead lavish lives, sometimes it has also cost them something. For a few superstars, this cost was their relationships with friends or partners. There have been a few pairs whose real-life relationship was ruined due to on-screen storylines and alliances.

The five relationships we have chosen in the list for the video above are:

  • Triple H and Chyna
  • John Cena and his wife
  • Dave Bautista (aka Batista) and his wife
  • Edge, Lita, and Matt Hardy
  • Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair

Watch the video above to recall how the relationships between these superstars, unfortunately, soured.

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