Quentin Johnston earns ‘certified bust’ title from NFL fans following crucial dropped catch in Chargers’ loss to Packers

The NFL is tough for rookies, and Quentin Johnston of the Los Angeles Chargers experienced the highs and lows of football against the Green Bay Packers. Johnson caught two passes for 21 yards, and every Chargers fan says that he should have had three catches on Sunday. Los Angeles lost 23-20, but there is an argument that the game should have gone to overtime because Johnston dropped a pass late in the fourth quarter that would have set the Chargers up in field-goal range. It was a brutal drop that led to the Chargers falling to 4-6 with their season already on life support in the AFC West. The questions over Brandon Staley continue to grow, and looking at the remaining schedule, there are some tough games to come. The Chargers will face the Baltimore Ravens next week and then have the Bills and Chiefs to close out their season. Sandwiched in between are games against the New England Patriots, Denver Broncos and Las Vegas Raiders. So, it is anything but easy for L.A., but after this tough loss, it’s fighting against the tide to make it back to the playoffs. If L.A. doesn’t make the postseason, then there will be heavy criticism of Staley as there was at the end of the playoff loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars last season.